The urge to crush

And what ‘John’ (fuck, I need to come up with a better pseudonym for that guy) calls the rainbows and Skittles effect. Why can’t I be like this all the time?

Oh, right. I’d go fucking insane, it wouldn’t be right, or good for business. Or good for anyone. You can almost hear me sigh at this point, and wonder why I’m the only person in my neighbourhood awake right now – people, just because it’s dark and society tells you to fear the darkness, set fire to your TV and bring the enlightenment upon yourselves.

Rainbows and Skittles. Man, I heard that guy got into some shit in Spain, I think it’s best we wait and hear it from him instead (or till I get bored of my bullshit and start telling you about his instead) and ended up in the crushing Zone Of Death, also known as Queensland. Queensland produces some compelling evidence that too much sunshine is really bad for you. Further research indicates that the Republic of California suffers the same problem. I guess I’m the only truly temperate soul in this house, and thus the only one sane, clear headed and rational to be truly worthy of attention. Long, cold winters and grey skies was too much of the year, with temperatures in the mid-teens seen as normal have bred in me the decency missing in so much of the world. Until the sun comes out and summer hits us early. And then it’s all rainbows and Skittles.

See, I managed to flush out the Bancho. It happens from time to time. But for the record, it must be stated that his post was total gibberish, except for the word ‘cognac’. Now we are languaging, people!

Insanity. I’m off to crush something I’ll likely need later on. Call it a plot development.


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  1. the j says:

    I'm guessing it's either his testicles, or his soul.

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