How often do I really get excited about a game? Usually when the title begins with ‘Sim’ or ‘Mario’, or has a ‘Zelda’ in there. The only exception to this rule is Civilization, which gets in on a technicality via the ‘Sim’ clause. Sim-History? Let’s not go crazy here.

So the second expansion for Civilization IV finally drops. This series has robbed me of more of my life than university did (maybe). It’s like a fucking black hole. They can even give me an expansion that adds extra content by way of officialising the most popular fan made mods – all freely available anyway – and game features that by rights should have been in the original release. I find it hard to imagine they didn’t have this all laid out a year and a half ago when the game first came out. But I figure if it extends the playing time the game gets, I’m the real winner. The winner who happily admits to not paying a cent for it, God bless the internet and its invincible array of pirate masters. The winner who is actually a loser.

Civ IV always made my computer run hot. It’s a long game, the shortest run through on the smallest map will take just over an hour – so epic games on huge maps realistically take days to play out. Vanilla Civ IV made my machine run so hot that it would crash after a few hours in the summer, with the aircon off. The first expansion cut that to an hour and a half, but since it was cold my then, it didn’t really matter. This one, here in the dead of winter, drops my balls in about an hour. Things are just getting interesting when bam, off it all goes. The bottom of the computer is too hot to touch. I worry about the long term effects this might be having on my hardware.

I could just turn it back on and load the auto-save game. But it will crash again in less than half an hour, even more humiliatingly. But the real crushing blow? This expansion’s money shot is the expanded late game content. Stuff I haven’t got to yet because my computer can’t handle the strain put on it by the stolen software I covet so.

Here I stand, laid bare at the end of my rope.


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  1. John says:

    Of course the updside of this is it's an excellent excuse to look at messing about with liquid cooling....oh, so sexy.....mmmmmm.

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