Holy crap!

Will someone please tell me this is not Omiya Station.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's Tsudanuma station in Chiba.

  2. Kerouac Cat says:

    By 'someone' I know that you mean me. It's cool, my self esteem is on a low so i won't be any more crushed because you couldn't use my damn name.

    Well, that lovely high quality that YouTube pumps out pixelises the writing just enough that I can't make out the kanji on the sign behind them, but I'm 90% sure that the first two aren't the right shape to say 'Omiya'. The camera pan is just enough to hint that it might be, but not enough to conclusively prove that it's not any number of other practically identical stations. My God, the whole video isn't just some dudes playing music, it's a comment on the ubiquity of the average street scenes across the nation... This rabbit hole goes deep my friends, are we man enough to take the journey?

    Plus I compared it to some photos I took around Omiya station mysef and it doesn't match up. If it's the east exit, there's no raised concourse like in the clip and if it's the west, the building in the background isn't the Arche store. Bummer, dudes.

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