Another exit

Happy New Year. As of today, it's the Year of the Swine. Chinese New Year means a week off - naturally, unpaid at my school. I'm heading down south on the bike again. This time the goal is a little less clear. Last year, Charles and I had a simple plan - to ride a circuit around the island of Taiwan. We got through it, with a few minor disasters on the way. I put Dinna and the 'xiong on the train yesterday.

As soon as Charles is ready, we'll be leaving today. Paul Cox, one of the co-owners of Bobwundaye is coming with us but I'm really not sure what he's got planned. We're aiming for Taichung/Zhanghua by the end of today, so I'll see Dinna and the dog. After that, Charles and I are hoping to make Kending on Monday. Charles is playing with Public Radio at the mysterious Mystery Land Festival on Tuesday. Personally I think getting to Kending from Taichung will be pretty testing on our bikes. After that, who knows? We had planned to go to Hualian and we still might, though I might just ride through and go over the cross island highway. Depends on Paul, I guess.

Korea was... interesting. It wasn't the best holiday I've had, but then it probably isn't the worst. I'll be doing a full writeup when I get back, which is my code for saying I'll never get round to it and grovel later.

This time, I'm planning to take lots of photos and video. I promise.

See you in a week. After I finish writing this, the computer is going off. Gasp.


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