Letting Go 04: Lithuania

Instead, we hitch-hiked. We took the tram to the edge of town and walked a few hundred metres down the highway and took our chances. Good thing I had a pretty girl to thumb for rides because even then it took an hour to get picked up, I think I might have been trapped there had I been on my own. The first thing to stop was a huge crane. There was barely room in there for the three of us and our bags but it didnt matter. The driver was a Lithuanian guy and all he could do was take us ten minutes down the road. We took him up in that and soon we were thumbing again. It didnt take another hour this time a Polish truck driver picked us up and he was going right on through Klaipeda and onto Kaunas. Jackpot. There was plenty of room in the cabin and even though we didnt speak each others languages there was communication. Mary-Jane knows a handful of Russian and German, I am good at gesturing and grunting. At the border we stopped for thirty minutes to take a break and change money. Here he made tea and coffee for us and when I showed him the various coins Id collected, to show where Id been, he gave me a few from his collection. Kindness knows no language, helping people out needs no words. It was very kind of him and even though the highway doesnt run into the city, he took us as far as he could and we walked to the nearest bus stop and took the next one into the city.

Klaipeda is the third biggest city in Lithuania. It has Germans in its history and also goes by the name of Memel. Claims to fame include a balcony where Hitler once stood and gave a speech and being the closest city to the Curonian Spit. Lithuania is the land of my fathers, where my grandparents grew up and where the fled from during the horrors of the second world war. They never returned, given the miracle that they survived at all and ended up in an Allied occupation zone, instead emigrating to Australia at the first chance. My grandfather went first, followed a few years later by grandma and my father. All my life I knew this story and never knew anything of the land they came from, so it became something of a target, a mission, a need. Now I was here, the rest of the land lay ahead of me. I had this girl with me to, beautiful and fucked up, the lost little girl with her arms around me. Just a wandering guy with nothing better to do but spend his money walking all the places he can find. Somehow connected, somehow walking the same little path for a while somehow together. It felt good, but where would it end What was going to happen in Lithuania, what of my dreams and plans? Plans are for breaking, because the express an idea of limitations. There are no limits, what we humans can do All I knew is that I didnt want to lose her or miss a second, to make the most of all of this I had in my hands and wonder if it was going to be clay or sand. Clay turns into sand too easily, before you even realise what it was you had in your hands and what youve made of it, so your memory is shaped and sticks but in reality it is nothing, having all fallen away.

In Klaipeda there is one hostel in town, outside the train station. We walked over there and found two things. The wonder boys had beaten us there by a matter of half an hour, maybe not even that, and they had taken the last two free beds. Damn that, what a pain. We walked to a few other places but there was nothing close to being affordable so in the end we brokered a deal. Christian would sleep on the floor, we would share a bed and pay for everyone. This meant we would need to sneak in and make sure that the receptionist didnt see us, but we were all getting good at hoodwinking hostels. In the end it all came good and we werent found out.

In our wandering around looking for a hotel we all ate at a local pub. The food was local cuisine and the beer world standard. There was nothing lacking here, this is a country with its shit together. That was a unanimous call. Sitting at the table outside, we talked and laughed, the co-incidence of finding each other again not lost on any of our happy faces. Having worked things out yet again, it was all too much and even though it was only that morning we parted ways, it was a joyous reunion. Because we never expected it to happen quite that way, for things to go quite on these lines but surely as I type these words we sat there and it felt like a year later.

The night was cold but two people in a single bed, it was where it started and was destined to end.

The next day was another on-the-fly construction, ad-libbed and re-written before we even thought about things too much. We went over on the ferry to the Curonian Spit and it is a majestic place. When the four of us were together, it didnt really matter where we ended up, the times were always good, laughter was never far away. The guys went for a swim in the beach, I hadnt come in my board shorts so I stayed out. The Spit is a one hundred kilometre long sand spit, an average of four kilometres wide and is essentially one long sand dune. A pine forest has grown in the middle while the edge on the coast is one long, silky beach. It was awesome. Hard to believe it is as undeveloped as it is, most any other country would have such a place crawling with activity but here at the end of the summer, on an admittedly cold day, it was almost empty. I had wanted to go all the way down, to the town of Nida at the Russian border, but soon enough we were heading back into town. Plans were fluid, designed to change and grow. The boys were heading away that afternoon. What were Mary-Jane and I going to do?

On the beach, while the boys swam in the cold waters, I had held her with her back to the water, and lifted her up. All I could see was her face, smiling at me, all fro me, her black and sandy hair blowing in the sandy breeze, one strand or two dancing across her cheeks. The surf rushed lightly behind and filled our ears, flat but foamy and white as it ran up to us, then the sky loomed blue and grey and white above us. It was the whole world to me, and there she was, filling it totally, for a few seconds. I can hold that moment forever in my mind, in my heart, for that was the perfect moment. Picturesque, total, perfect. Honest with myself and my feelings, I knew something in that moment and my heart leaped, never to come down.

I kissed her there and then, flying in the sand.

We sat up the beach on a seat while the Vikings proved themselves. Having swum the beach, they retreated from the chilly water and dried themselves off.

We ate kebabs before taking the ferry back, then went to the hostel. The boys prepared and left again.

Mary-Jane didnt want to stay in Klaipeda another night. We talked about getting an overnight bus, or train. I wanted to stay around, because Nida was still in my head, but the flow was leaving toward Vilnius and a visit to the station lead to the discovery that a train was too, in about and hour and a half. We qualified for the youth discount, too, so we could get to Vilnius for a pittance. The arrival would be quite late, but this was no great problem. We gathered our things and like that, we were on our way to Vilnius.

It was late and wet when we arrived.

And we were damn hungry, having failed to get any food before we left, plus we didnt yet have anywhere to stay. But we were lucky then, because the first hostel we rolled up to put us up and told us where we could get some food that wasnt McDonalds at that late hour. So this was Vilnius, the great city come great again. It was dark, the streets were not well lit and it was almost raining, the rain that its more than a mist but not droplets. Hunger was driving us both to distraction and barely a word was said while we found the place. The streets are even harder to navigate than anywhere else Ive seen, twisting and turning, running into each other and refusing steadfastly to go in a straight line. Add to this a good amount of construction going on and the learning curve is going up sharply. We found the restaurant, serving reasonably traditional Lithuanian food. I had my first glorious experience of Zeppelins, a hearty and surely fattening local concoction. Potato based dough with meat inside. What more could you want to put some hair on your chest.

Sleep came quickly that night. It had been a long day in a few ways.

I actually forget how many days I spent in Vilnius. They were spent arm in arm with my girl (as I had come to think of her, no matter how true it may have been, but every day you see more and more that black and white are almost strictly Hollywood) and walking those twisting, bending streets; we climbed the hill and saw the three crosses, we walked through Uzupis, we found the miracle tile outside the cathedral. However many days there were, they were certainly happy ones.

Strange town, Vilnius. It has this reputation and now I have some distance on it I see why. First of all there is Uzupis, a colony of artists, drunks and dreamers who have made the inside corner of a bend in the river their own independent republic. Full of art and squats, it has its own constitution and atmosphere not found anywhere else, I will say, in the world. There is an excellent pizza place there too, and the bar on the side of the river is great. Around the hill you find an array of parks and churches, cathedrals and statues, the life has been breathed back into the country after the stifling communist years and nowhere more so than the heart. They have much to mourn and not so much to celebrate, more martyrs than heroes, but the emphasis is on the latter two. The fallen and lost souls are remembered. We went to the genocide museum, housed in the old KGB building downtown. Remembering how the Latvian Occupation museum tells a harrowing story, and the Estonian equivalent a short tale of oppressed years, the Lithuanian story is by far the most tragic of the three. Simply put, in all three occupations last century, they fought back harder. Thus they were punished by equal degrees to their dissidence. Estonia felt the revenge, but since they gave in quickly were spared the true horrors. Latvians fought long and hard but despite the best intentions the resistance was put down (the best of the Latvians even becoming integral to the Red Army in some cases) but the Lithuanian resistance was fought long and hard, bitter and cruel on both sides and the numbers on display at the museum let visitors know that they equal genocide. In no uncertain terms. Of the Baltic states more Lithuanians than anyone else were deported and murdered. Imprisoned in the most unimaginable ways. You can see the KGB prison as it was left and be shocked by the barbarity of it all. It takes a few hours to see the story and look through the cells and I left feeling changed. What strength not to be totally crushed by such evil. On the outside there are carved the names of some of the victims. I saw one who shared my surname. I could only shiver.

But now Vilnius is a happy place, colour and laughter paint the streets now. Freedom has a sweeter taste to those who know life without it and they gorge at its table.

I was not surprised when Mary-Jane and I came back to the hostel one day to see the wonder boys there. They had taken longer but they had made it to Vilnius and tracked us down. I had told them where to look. So the remaining days there we had company and again we were together, the four of us, this time with Vilnius to see. Such days will be hard to track down again.

They came to an end, of course, all too quickly, after a few nights. We cooked hamburgers, drank with the other guests. It was awesome to be there and a privilege to have had the chance. We saw them off at the train station and they were gone again. Mary-Jane also had to go. The next day I took her to the airport. School was starting and our time was up.

I didnt want to stay. I gathered my things and took a train to Kaunas. There I found that there was a night bus going to Warsaw, so I bought a ticket, spent the next six hours walking around Kaunas and then tried to sleep on the bus. Sleep on the bus is hard and even harder when you are used to having someone special there next to you. My time in Lithuania was always going to be special. I had no idea just how special it would be, or that I might not even get close to doing what I had planned. Time shifts, changes and warps like my plans and I was better for it.

What was going to happen next? Usually I can say whatever I will but my head became clouded. Clouded with her, with what we had said and what I wanted to say. Id said it all before I lost her to the air and the real life she had waiting in Helsinki and she told me later that she couldnt possibly know how she was supposed to feel yet but next time, lets make a next time. These words, or ones like them, clouded me and I thought too much of times to come and what might or might not be there. I couldnt take it and knew it was the wrong thing to do. Live now, this is the only moment we have to live in and it goes on regardless of whether our head is there or not. Its not something we control. I was on my way to Poland, entirely the wrong way, and a new country of adventure lay ahead. I did my best to keep my mind there.


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