The Tallest Poppy

The first time I saw him I had no idea who he was. But there he was, on the TV holding a brown snake by the tail and waving it in front of the camera. The single most venomous snake on the planet and he was shaking it like it was a toy.

So I knew he was batshit fucking loco the first time I saw him. Bless him, he saw in creatures great and small what few could and his passion, his sheer will to be happy, brought this joy to the rest of the world.

Derided for being too Aussie or embarrassing, he was not quite a hero for his commercial enterprises but what put him above and beyond the average entertainer was what he did with his success. Devoting so much to conservation, he surprised and won me with that.

While it wasnt the brown snake that did him, or his loved crocodiles, I have to think that its somehow fitting that he went the way he did. Sad as it all might be, I like to think he might have wanted to go like that, over any other way.

He will be missed, just as he was loved by more than he could have know.

All creatures great and small, there is one less champion for you now.

RIP Steve Irwin


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  1. the j says:

    High on my list of good things he did was all the unspoiled land he bought up that would've otherwise been developed, and the conservation and awareness work he did. Batshit loco? I'm not so sure.

  2. Kerouac Cat says:

    My sentiments exactly. Playing with crocodiles is one thing, actually putting your money where your mouth is and saving the planet, that's really another.

    But crazy, I won't take that back. You got any idea what a brown snake is capable of? Jesus Christ.

    And Peter Brock? People who drive fast cars really fast sort of have it coming. Driving cars isn't a sport, either.

    Tomorrow: KC calls some old people 'lazy' because they are really, really old. Then I'm going to call a spoon a spoon.

    I need sleep.

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