From The Heart Of The Matter

This is the church
You are my priest.
This is our sacrament,
This is our ceremony.
Now is the time
We shed all our fear and hate
Embrace the freedom and hope,
We hold the truth now.

For this is my confession.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned
It has been five months since my last confession
Now hear this.

Ive never seen you so happy!
Gonna miss you mate.
Youre the best!

Do you take this man to be your best fucking friend, through health and wealth, happiness, fucking great times and fun, till the end do you part?

Do you take this man, in sickness and in pain, paralysis and whatever ills you might have, in everything till death do you part?

I do, mate, I do.

You may now go fucking crazy!!!


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