Where am I?

I am the top half of the Marunouchi line,
My wallet doesnt stretch part Ochanomizu.

I am the mountains bordering the city on the north and west,
Lined with snow but only those winter mornings.

I am the neon east of Yasukuni avenue,
But it stays on my skin and my clothes stay on.

I am the kids in Harajuku every day of the week,
And they let me in whenever I need to be at home.

I am the trees in the precious parks,
Rare edge of the scenery.

I am all alone in a club in Shibuya and home is hours away,
Dont you know that Ill be alone a lot longer than that.

I am Tokyo bay by moonlight,
One way or another all the crap this city has comes to me and I still shine.

I am the haze that hangs above us all,
I see you but you try and succeed in not seeing me.

I am the blue ocean beyond the concrete houses lining the high points of the Chuo line,
Only its not really there only in my head.

I am the homeless man sleeping under the overpass,
The traffic ignores me and as much as it keeps me up I will miss it if I go.

I am a forgotten spirit hiding away from the bulldozers in a corner of the forest,
No-one remembers I am here and wouldnt care even if they did.

I am a soul with no-where left to go except this car park under a mountain,
These sealed black windows and charcoal heater take me away.

I am a thousand desperate nights and men who pay for company,
Those ladies buy the brands with their very souls.

I am the sounds of an unbearable summers day in a pine tree,
Sticky needles and screaming insects paint a picture to everything except our eyes.

I am, I am, I am I am part of it all, but I am leaving. I am gone.


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