Into it

Get bent, mashed, mangled, just because its a Saturday night and theres a party happening, somewhere. And I got and urge to have some fun.

My heads in a different place, a different place to my mind and a different place to my body. All that talk, all those doubles, all the beats and thumping and banging, you take a few hours out there under the lights and repay it with hours upon hours the next day. Under the DJ hours fly over and the moment is full, the illusion total and your mates better be around somewhere, I made friends with the bartender and hes pouring them strong. My mate here is on a media pass tonight so I just followed his lead, I think he made me something with rum, my god, thats a fantastic dress

Lose it out there and float away, fly away. You the man, why cant we have always been here like this, how come years passed before this all came along? Doesnt matter here or now because the tunes are coming on and I feel a rush, look theres my mate, hes always out and about. Mate! What you doing here, I should be asking you, you my man and meet this guy here, you all cant be DJs, suppose you need a night off sometimes. All in this house, this temple to the light and the beat and to leaving your mind at the door

Dont talk to me, shit, is it fair that my head hurts this much? Its not really so bad, I dont have anyone to blame but me, Ive had worse. But still dont talk to me.


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  1. the j says:

    Cue suspenseful motif as Cat begins his long, slow descent into enjoying house music.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fucking hippie. . .HOOK ME UP!

  3. Kerouac Cat says:

    For the record, I was stone cold drunk and nothing more.

    I'll hippie you, come 'ere, I'll batter ya!

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