I knew this day would come...

Thursday, October 26. 2006
I, too, have lost my camera. It was there when I got on the bus and gone after I'd gotten off.

For fuck's sake. The police here were totally useless. Actually, that would be an insult to actual totally useless people. They were like fat, lazy, ugly, totally useless retards. Now that is insulting.

They could have at least called the bus company for me.

Now I don't have enough money to buy a new one. Life has no purpose, and I hate you all.

See you at the crossroads, mate

Tuesday, October 10. 2006
I will not lie to you. In high school, I did not have so much going for me. I took away a lot of things, but few of them fall into the category of friends.

Daniel was a friend. He was a friend of everyone. I think there were no people in the school who had a bad thing to say about him and if they did, he would not care. He was more than a nice guy, he was the nicest.

He was a king to me, a reason to get myself to school when mabe there was not so much motivation, and always strong.

Only a little shy of his quarter century, maybe he does not even know how many people will miss him. But maybe he will, because he took good care of all of us.

Champion, friend, never forgotten.

Rest well, mate.

Daniel "Dumper" Dumett