You know what?

Friday, September 22. 2006
Easy come, easy go. No sign of a real update for a while, so let's chill. But the next load is gonna be a big one. Being up to date is soooo last year.

In other news, the universe corrected itself and the usual nature of things have reasserted themselves. Turns out it was just a glitch. Nobody got their hopes up, I am sure.

This surely can't be the way it is meant to be, so further research is required.

My friends don't write to me anymore either. What the hell is everyone doing? I have nothing but time to think about all of this; sometimes I think you might not care anymore.

The universe has corrected itself. I'm tired, lonely and alone -- just like I said, the way things seem to default to in the long run.

So goddamn write to me.