Incessant rain

Sunday, September 10. 2006
It's rained the entire weekend. Not just drizzle but torrential, flood-making, ark-building rain. It prevented me from moving in to the new place, and today we made an unhappy discovery - two of the external walls leak. I suspected that the rood mgiht leak and was happy when I was apparently wrong, but no, Taiwanese buildings are shoddy.

On the up side I have finally played my drumkit this weekend, several weeks after purchase. It's all right. Expect photos of both it and the new place soon.

We got the ADSL hooked up yesterday, and then Dinna's computer decided to die. Not sure what the problem is but it's another hassle. Great. I'm pretty leery about taking all my stuff there - I don't need anymore damage due to liquids, thanks.

Oh, and Peter Brock died. I'll leave it to KC to write this one up.