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Thursday, February 1. 2001
What is the dragon? You will find the answers within these pages. These pages document the lives and times of Kerouac Cat and the j.

The inspiration is in the separation, the alienation, the shared experiences. The understanding, the mutual confusion. The love of technology that only results in self-loathing. Post-modern bullshit. Bullshit. Any kind of bullshit. Fame. Love. Lust. At any cost.

Who are we? Tortured souls. Tortured at our own hands. Freed by cultural experience. Driven by the urge. Slaves to sex. Questioning belief. Pushing the envelope. Worthless gutter snipes. Lords of all we purvey.

Something so childish, so idiotic. Help me. Nothing so pathetic, like a weaselly child. Push my buttons.

The House was built by the J using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, blood, sweat and tears. He retains exclusive ownership over the code which forms the foundations for the House except for Serendipity, which the engine the House runs on. The House renders best at 1024 by 768 pixels in Mozilla Firefox and Safari. These pages are not viewable using Netscape Navigator 4.0 or earlier, and don't render too well in IE anything. If you are running Windows XP, we recommend switching ClearType on.

Previously, the House is not guarunteed to run on Apple hardware until someone bought the j a G5. It runs on Apple gear now, but we are still accepting offers of free G5s.


The House of the Dragon is all rights reserved. You may not copy, reproduce or project into the sky anything that is published with the House without the written permission of the owners.

Peoples sending material, be it written, visual, aural or any combination therof consent to the very likely possiblity of it being published. Where appropriate and possible mad props or withering insults will be given to the creators. The owners of the House accept no responsibility for opinions expressed in material received from 3rd parties.

The House always wins. Booyah.

All rights fucking reserved.