Tokyo Tales [crowded streets crowded prose]

Never Alone

You can never be alone in this city. Everywhere you go therell be eyes from a window, feet next to you on the street. You cant get away in this city and all our relationships are shared, every moment you share with your lover you share with someone else and you cant escape this. No respite can be found from the crowds, they push on around you all hours of the day, shuffle past even on the smallest of streets.

Small handfuls of hours can be purchased to share your lust, but even then someone can hear, someone will be walking past and you, in a quiet moment as you stop to catch yourself, will hear the passions from the next room, the next door, the next floor

Your beginnings are caught amongst the conversations and flights of others, your moments of truth witnessed by strangers. The tears at the end cannot be hidden from the people nearby, so we hold them back until we cant be together anymore. The city bears witness to our love, so lovers get about with constant eyes on them. Sometimes they watch and encourage, sometimes glow purple with jealousy for they see a spark they lost long ago. Maybe they streak red across their vision of you for reasons their despair has driven them to, maybe they black you out but keep the sensation somewhere deep inside.

Each moment is not our own, we need this sometimes, but we live with the city, not merely in it, and she shares our love, but not shares in it.


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