Dead Trees and Traffic Islands

Im wired in this evening and its been a 24 hours I would rather forget about. Coming back from the road is always a depressing time for me, the twelve hours after walking through the door again are the worst. I dont care that my own bed is here, or that I can have a clean shower whenever I want, all I want is a train heading somewhere and a destination. The bag on my back just feels useless after being both my anchor and my leash, pulling me to adventure. Now I just have to unpack it and throw all my gear in the washing machine.

What was the last week? Did it really happen? Twelve hours of soul decompression, but there was so much else to deal with this time around.

I wrote this about someone, but not about anyone. I wrote it for someone, with that someone in mind, but I really wrote it all for you.

The last part? I dont care right now. I just want to forget.

A love letter to you

You, who stunned me from the start,
You, who still takes the words from my mouth
When you appear, when you walk
When youre in front of me


Thats when time stops,
Nothing else is there but you
Thats when I feel strong and weak and perfect and useless,
All at once, thats when you make me feel


Let me take you, let me hold you and tell you
These little truths and little sweet nothings
Let me make you feel like you are the only one in this world
The way you do to me
Let me hold you in my arms and whisper in your ear
All the ways you make the world a better place and
Let me feel the beat of your heart ,
The softness of your breath

Hear my voice and feel safe,
Hear my voice and feel happy
Look into my eyes and know I tell the truth
Look into my heart and find that I am true;
Would it be that we could be the most
Perfect and could it be that I could make you
The happiest in this world.

Be mine and mine alone, smile when I try to make you laugh
Smile when I try and stop you crying,
Laugh when I cant stop myself and go too far
Take a chance on me, Ill make you so happy.

Let me love you.

Please dont leave


just stay a little longer, just talk a little more
Dont leave, please dont leave
Well make it, Ill be here when you want and

somewhere else when you dont


please dont leave
I dont want to dig the little pieces of you out of my life
I dont want to have to find some little box to put them all in and then hide it away
cant we hang onto this, we only just began

I don't want to live in this world where I'll never get to wait for you somewhere
never see your name on my phone
never see you walk away again.

I never thought I'd see you go, I never imagined
shock, I'm still in shock, still can't believe it all

just come back... don't leave me now


i want you, i need you, don't you need me? You don't say you do, but I know
I know you want me still

so don't leave, don't go



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